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Growing Paper

For many years I have wanted to try my hand at making paper. This summer, I plan on trying it! However, in the mean time, I'm going to plant some flowers to incorporate into my paper.

Since I was a little girl, I have been pressing flowers and using the flattened and dried flowers to create greeting cards, wall hangings, and bookmarks. I've learned that smaller and flatter flowers work best.

Here are some of my favorites that I'll be planting in the next few weeks:

- Johnny-Jump-Up

- Baby Blue Eyes

- Toad Flax

- Centuary

- Shooting Stars

- Poppies

- 5 Spot Nemophila

- Lobelia

- Pansies/Violets

- Forget-Me-Not

- Alyssum

Since these flowers will press nicely, it's quite likely they'll also work into handmade paper easily.

Did you also know you can embed flower seeds into handmade paper to send as a greeting card or gift to friend? Nothing like being very eco-friendly with your mail!

Over the last year, I've also learned several of these flowers on my planting list are even edible. It will be a struggle to see who gets to the flowers first--the kids or me! It will be fun putting the flowers to multiple uses this year. Here is a link to some information about various edible flowers--I'm just starting on my journey of trying these out, so I don't have any recommendations.

Happy gardening and dreaming of handmade paper!

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