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A couple more crayon-inspired crafts

Last time I explored the history and some uses for crayons. This week I wanted to share several more fun crayon-inspired art projects; some of which I've done and some I haven't----yet!

Decorating Easter eggs with crayons:

I totally want to try this one out with my kids!

Rocks and Crayons Paperweights:

We have recently decided to create our own "gnome trail" using garden gnomes and gnome houses. We created some crayon gnomes rocks for our trail.

Crayon Fabric:

As we have been working on settling into our new home in Kansas, it would be fun to create curtains for the kids' room using their own designs.

Crayon ornaments:

I'm going to have to wait until Oct. at least before I can try this out with kids as the glass ornaments are seasonal in so many craft stores.

Here's a list of additional crayon crafts you can try with your kids or on your own!

Happy crafting!

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