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A Hand of Kindness

Since moving back to the Midwest, I was quickly reminded of the "tradition" and expectation of waving to others as you drive past them or they drive past you on the country roads or while in the yard. It's a great tradition and I've loved watching my kids embrace it--even down to the youngest!

So, I'd like to provide a very fun and relatively easy project for anyone to create, to make your own hand of kindness to hang in your window. Supplies are easily obtained at a Dollar store or Walmart or any craft store.

You'll need:

Clear contact paper or clear self-adhesive laminating paper



Scraps of: tissue paper, washi tape, origami paper, glasine paper, etc.

Begin by tracing your hand print onto the paper part of the contact paper. Carefully cut it out and remove the paper backing leaving you a "sticky" hand. Using your scraps of various papers, cover the "sticky" hand--it's ok for the scraps to overhang the edge of the hand.

I learned that the paper can usually stick with up to two layers of paper but after two, the contact paper sheets will want to separate.

Once you cover the "sticky" hand, cut another piece of contact paper that is larger than the first hand and place the sticky side over the tissue paper side of the decorated hand print. Very carefully cut out the original hand print and it's finished and ready for a window or to be sent to a friend to hang in their window.

Let's spread some kindness and waves of greetings!

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