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Heart Puzzles

ere is a fun and easy DIY to do with your kids for Valentine's Day (or Mother’s Day) or for any other day or person needing a little gift.

Start with laying out a piece of wax paper (aluminum foil or something that is easy to clean up afterwards), open up a puzzle you’re ready to part with and lay out about 20-25 pieces (if you’re using larger puzzle pieces, you’ll need even more pieces). The glossy side will appear glossier when finished than the rougher cardboard side.

Add a little white and red acrylic paints (blend some white and red together to get pink) and paint your puzzle pieces. If you wish, sprinkle a little glitter on the pieces while the paint is wet for a sparkly effect. Allow the paint to dry–depending on how much paint is used, you may need to do a second coat of paint.

Once the paint is dry, lay a single layer pieces in a heart shape. Grab some tacky glue and add small dots of glue where another piece will overlap the “gap” between the bottom layer of pieces. Add a third layer of puzzle pieces. Add a fourth layer of pieces if desired for extra strength.

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